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Magoo's Complete Home Care in Boca Raton

Kitchen & Eating Areas

  • Wipe all kitchen appliances including Microwave, Stovetop, Oven, etc.)
  • Treat all wood surfaces with wood treatment including cabinet doors, kitchen window, ledges, countertop
  • Clean cooktop, burners & inside microwave 
  • Place dishes in the dishwasher (after rinsing)
  • General dusting, vacuum & damp mop non-carpeted floors
  • Empty all trash

Family & Living Areas

  • Dust furnishing, plants, drapes & ceiling fan
  • Knickknacks & antiques individually wiped clean 
  • Dust/Clean furniture, tables & chairs
  • Spot wash & vacuum sofa, pillows & cushions 
  • Clean lights, shelving, ledges, windows & doors 
  • Wipe light switch/plates & furniture surface
  • Wash and/or vacuum floors, underneath small furnacing & area rugs 


  • General tidying, dusting & removal of cobwebs
  • Clean walls, doors, mirrors, windows & ledges
  • Scrub bathtub, tile walls, & shower door 
  • Disinfect countertop, sink, vanity & toilet
  • Wipe fixtures, light switch & items on vanity
  • Wash towels, fold and put away
  • Vacuum & wash floor
  • Empty & disinfect wastebasket


  • Dust & clean furniture, TV, picture, items on dresser, mirror, blinds & ceiling fan, 
  • Clean walls, doors, window & windowsills
  • Wash & fold cloths, washed & remake bedding
  • Organize and general tidying
  • Wash or Vacuum floor & empty wastebasket 

Offices & Laundry

We are happy to go much further and provide you with a detailed cleaning.  Deep cleaning your home is recommended once per month. Magoo's Complete Home Care in West Palm Beach

Hallways & Walk Ways

Spring cleaning got you down? Don't worry thats we are here for.